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icon surface 456m²
icon land 1,1ha
icon price € 3.600.000 k.k.
icon type Detached house
icon rooms 5 Bedrooms


Phenomenally beautiful villa by renowned architect Gerrit Rietveld. A true eldorado with unprecedented privacy, peace and space.

A work of art you can live in is what we at Christie's International Real Estate call it.

This villa concerns the last design Rietveld created before his death in 1964.

Rietveld's famous adage 'Inside becomes outside and outside becomes inside' is emphatically evident in this one. The large windows and ceilings up to 3.40 metres high ensure that the privileged residents are always aware of this fantastic living environment.

Another quote from Rietveld after criticising the comfort of his world-famous Rietveld chair, 'Sitting is a verb. When you are tired, you just lie down', on the other hand, does not apply to this villa. On the contrary, the villa at Lange Wijnen 9 offers every comfort, partly due to its recent preservation.

+ living area almost 460 m²
+ volume approx. 2,000 m³
+ ceilings up to 3.40 metres high
+ plot approx 1.1 hectares of private land
+ five bedrooms

Please refer to the floor plan and even better: make an appointment for a no-obligation viewing to experience the atmosphere and space of this villa. We will be happy to show you around.

Eternal beauty, a compliment that certainly applies to this magnificent property. History has shown that this villa has offered every opportunity for living combined with a wide variety of activities. Even now, this property still offers many possibilities for various uses, e.g. from double occupancy to home office or practice.

All it asks of its new users is respect and reverence for a history that began around 1964 and will not end in 2024.

The second and current owner had the villa renovated several years ago. Thus, the villa features:

+ 90 solar panels, not visible from outside
+ heat pumps that not only provide heating and hot water, but also cooling
+ HR++ insulating glazing
+ partly fitted with underfloor heating

Architect Maurice van Bakel from Amsterdam was also called in, who, from 2016, while leaving the main layout of the villa and outbuildings intact, adapted it to the requirements and comfort of our time by redesigning it and selecting special materials. The existing wenge wooden floors have been retained, while the old worn marmoleum floors have now been replaced by beautiful seamless, partly brightly coloured floors and surfaces.

Part of the outbuildings have been redesigned to create a space for exhibitions, performances and cultural activities. In line with this space, he also designed a new outdoor plaza (with a mobile sun protection system of loose cloths) which connects the indoor and outdoor areas in an engaging way. Maurice van Bakel also designed several new and partly integrated pieces of furniture and a special lighting system, which establish a dialogue with its surroundings.
All new designs can be recognised as interventions of 'opulence of simplicity', in respect of Rietveld's style and ideas.

The first owner speaking:

"First there was the idea. To live outside. There was no suppressing that. Outside in the forest. My wife thought that was scary, so alone. 'But girl, then we'll build a couple of residential units next door. Then you won't be alone. Then there will always be acquaintances near you.' So that's how it was planned. Then the search for a nice site began. That seemed easy. But wasn't. Eventually, a nice piece of forest was found. Meanwhile, a plan ripened in my head. For the shape of the house. Sketches were made and arrangements drawn. I was an admirer of the style of Mies van der Rohe and Le Corbusier. And that's what I was looking for in the Netherlands too.

That's how I ended up with Gerrit Rietveld. That wasn't a young daredevil at all. That was an old man. But we had the same views. The same drive. He took a good look at my sketches. He understood very well what the intention was. A house that was ahead of its time. He made a wonderful design. An ideal plan. I asked him to make all the detailed drawings. And to draw up the specifications in full. He did that. I got on very well with him. We understood each other. And a close friendship was the result.

Then Rietveld died. Sadly. The house was the last design he made.

What is the result now? A spacious house where I lived with love. As Rietveld's last project: a very remarkable Dutch architect. By the standards of our time. The villa consists of: a large, spacious country house plus very spacious practice rooms (four in total) on a forest plot of some 11,000 m² with private parking. Equipped with beautifully landscaped terraces.

The house was always a happy place. Children: I had six of them. And all those spaces were soon occupied. Music: there was a lot of music. The high, large hall had wonderful acoustics. There was a family room. There we played all kinds of games and watched television. There was also a room for a model railway. Just fantastic. A home for a happy family. A big family. Later, I got the idea to set up my business in those rooms. So it became a home office. That's ideal. So it is an attractive property both from a business point of view and for tax purposes."

All information including but not limited to dimensions is expressly of an indicative nature; no rights can be derived from it. Compensation for over- or under size is excluded. Offer without obligation, delivery in consultation. Any permits must be arranged by the buyer. The writing requirement is declared applicable even if one or more parties qualify as professional buyers.
ENTHOUSIAST? We would be pleased to make an appointment with you for a no-obligation viewing of this absolutely unique villa in one of the most beautiful locations of 'the Garden of Amsterdam', as the Gooi is internationally also called.

The sale is being handled by Christie's International Real Estate in collaboration with Kappelle Makelaars.

A Masterpiece.
Headquarters – International sales

R365 | Christie’s International Real Estate

phone +31 (0)20-242 0888
Leslie de Ruiter
Leslie de Ruiter


€ 3.600.000 k.k.
In consultation
House type
Villa, Detached house
Build type
Build year
Maintenance inside
Maintenance outside
Double housing possible
Surface and volume
Living surface
Plot surface
Other surface
Solar collector, Solar panel
Energy label
Roof insulation, Wall insulation, Floor insulation
Hot water
Fireplace, Partial heated floor, Heat pump
Exterior areas
Near edge of forest, Near park, Near quiet road, In residental area, Sheltered location, In forest area, Rural location
Garden all round
Garage type
Lange Wijnen 9


Then quickly make an appointment for a no-obligation viewing
Lange Wijnen 9, Laren.

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