A statement that applies not only to exceptional art, but to exclusive real estate as well. Christie’s International Real Estate exclusively focuses on the purchase and sale of real estate in the top segment of the housing market. We know the buyers and can assess the value of your property. Only clients of Christie’s International Real Estate can rely on the in-depth knowledge needed to bring estates, special villas, and luxury apartments to the attention of potential buyers, combined with hundreds of years of experience in the world of fine art. This unique and strong position enables us to open the door to an affluence audience for you – regionally, nationally, and internationally. Your exclusive property deserves the discrete and passionate expertise that art lovers worldwide have trusted in for 250 years. R365 is the exclusive partner in the Netherlands of Christie’s International Real Estate. The organisation has 1,200 offices with 32,000 real estate specialists in 45 countries. Thanks to the close cooperation of the partners and with the auction house, we can offer you optimal synergy. If you are considering selling your home, please fill out the form and we will contact you without obligation.

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