introduces the unique opportunity to sell real estate via a revolutionary auction system: Exclusive Auctions. In the Netherlands, no auctions are yet being organised in which exclusive villas, mansions, and apartments are offered in an appropriate way, without impairing the actual value. has manifested as the market leader in the top segment of the Dutch housing market in a short period of time.

The real estate portfolio of the partner-brokers contains approximately 350 objects with an asking price from € 1,000,000 spread throughout the Netherlands.

We are constantly looking for opportunities to improve and expand our services. Our global real estate organisation was founded by the legendary auction house Christie’s present exceptional real estate for sale in a proper way and treat it accordingly. Now, we also offer the possibility of selling exclusive property via Exclusive Auctions, a new concept in the Netherlands.

Abroad, auctions of exclusive real estate are seen as a great alternative and the experiences are very positive. There can be many reasons to choose a smooth real estate auction for the sale of your property. strives for maximum yield in all cases with these auctions. We are happy to inform you personally about the possibilities.

WHAT MAKES US DIFFERENT/HOW DO WE DO THAT​ utilises, among other things, the synergy between Christie’s International Real Estate and the auction houses of Christie’s, both nationally and globally. In addition, we make full use of our very extensive network. Preselected (inter)national candidates are invited to participate in the private bids and, if necessary, in the subsequent public auctions. These also take place under the supervision of​ .

In part due to our expertise and reputation, this new approach will attract the desired audience, as opposed to the traditional auction method in our country. Thanks to our international approach, we do not need to limit ourselves to the Dutch market. There is a lot of interest in exclusive Dutch property and we know how to reach the target audience. has a specific range that is selected based on appearance and special features, such as location and architecture. They are the ‘highlights’ of the real estate market. As a minimum auction price, an (actual) value of € 1,000,000 is maintained. We organise the entire process: from fully arranged open houses and viewings to and including the (inter)national marketing. We make use of various networks within our group for this, including our own five-language website and, Funda, the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Juwai (Chinese Funda), Kommersant (Russian-language newspaper in London and the UK) and, of course, a representative presentation of the object in five languages.

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