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Enter this beautiful water villa and step into a world of high-tech luxury. A unique and very spacious house, just fifteen minutes from the metropolis of Rotterdam, this house is idyllically located between the Oude Maas and the Rotterdam Harbour. Just recently, the building was renovated at absolutely top level. You just simply have to unpack your luggage, as it is fully equipped with designer furniture, indirect lights, kitchen goods, TV’s (partially or fully available for purchase as well) ready for you to immediately feel home from the very first moment.

This detached villa is literally the cream of the crop. Not only is this the largest water villa on the island, but this lovely, bright house is fitted with state-of-the-art home automation: light scenes, door locks and door movement, a room-by-room climate control system spanning from shutters over heating to ventilation or even air-conditioning, energy-efficiency, day and night cameras, high-end alarm system, garden watering and mowing as well as the seamlessly integrated multi-room surround sound system, all seamlessly operating around you, or accessible with your iPhone or iPad.

Not only the villa itself, but also the location of this specific water villa is distinctive and spectacular. Surrounded by water on three sides, this first villa is the only water villa with an unobstructed view of the lovely Gaatkensplas lake. Just a stone throw away you can enjoy the large recreation area of Carnisse Grienden, relax at the Golf Club De Oude Maas, walk to the shops at the supermarkets of the Carnisse Veste Mall or simply stroll over to various restaurants nearby.

The luxury in this building is everywhere, but nowhere excessive. That is precisely the characteristic of true class. In addition, the total of approximately 320 m² of floor space are optimally matched to each other; each room is spacious.

We would like to invite you for a no-obligation visit, so that you can experience the unique qualities of this villa for yourself.

• the island’s best located water villa
• the largest own land of all water villa’s
• the only water villa with a double garage and double-row driveway/parking
• state of the art home-automation based on the worldwide KNX system standard
• perfect highway connections to Rotterdam and Rotterdam Harbour, or even by tram to the Rotterdam main train station
• largest garden of all water villas
• warm coloured large tiles downstairs and beautiful bamboo parquet upstairs
• intelligent individual room climate and floor heating control
• automated shutters on all sun exposed sides
• recent top-class full renovation with smooth plastered walls

An impression:

• Entrance with automatic front door, guest toilet, custom-design teak wardrobe and a wide and deep concrete staircase covered with a beautiful bamboo parquet
• Extra high and wide double garage/workspace with matching tiles, heating and storage
• Large multifunctional bedroom/study, with high ceiling and large windows facing the garden, with all connections to make this your private Spa or bedroom with in-suite bath
• Spacious, bright living room full-length open to the garden
• Creatively open dining area, amazingly close to the water right at the large windows
• Siematic open kitchen with high-end appliances and descending/ascending hub
• Practical utility room including washer, dryer and kitchen supplies storage

Hand-laid beautiful continuous fishbone parquet on the whole upper floor with the four separate bedrooms. The bamboo radiants a warm cosy colour, yet is the most sustainable (even with stiletto heels) and most energy efficient parquet.

• Master bedroom with private balcony and custom-made teak walk-in closet.
• Four bedrooms, with stunning views over the Gaatkensplas.
• Design bathroom with bath, separate shower, washbasins and toilet.
• Possibility for second, resp. third bathroom.
• To top it all off: a lovely roof terrace with plenty of privacy!

This beautiful villa is equipped with KNX, the worldwide standard for home-automation. It brings comfort, convenience, energy efficiency and safety. Imagine you don’t have to switch and dim lights when you enter a room, but the sensors notice your presence and wake up the room, slowly dim up a scene of different lights, depending on the current daylight and your desired mood setting opens shutter, adjusts heating, and switches on energy consuming appliances. Of course, the room goes back to sleep when you are no longer present. All of this without you pressing one button, just merely your presence makes this all happen - seemlessly.

This concept of seemless automation has been perfected throughout the house to a state-off the art integration that you will not find a second time. Light scenes, door locks and door movement, fingerprint-reader, a room-by-room climate control system spanning from shutters over heating to ventilation, energy-efficiency, day and night cameras, high-end alarm system, garden watering, mowing and lighting, as well as the seamlessly integrated multi-room surround sound system, are just a few examples of all the hidden features of this unique house.

If you need to leave the house, one button secures the house, puts it into an energy-efficient sleep while still maintaining full control, cameras and alarm system. Even if you forget, you can do this, and of course anything else you like, conveniently remote from your iPhone or iPad as well. Coming back from a long trip and want the house to be warmed up and your wine or beer cold on your arrival? Not a problem with this house – all there, just at the push of a button away.

Lovely garden on the waterside of the large 559 m² private land, where greenery, terraces, decking and grass alternate in a harmonious and playful way. The garden opens to an unobstructed view of the large Gaatkensplas lake with private water access and is equipped with an automatic sprinkler and dripline system conveniently drawing water from the lake, an automatic lawnmower and of course also automatic trees and plants lighting.

The extra wide and extra high double garage is equipped with an industrial-quality fully insolated rolling electrical door. The floor is covered with the same coloured tiles as in the living area, but extra slip-proof for safety when you arrive on a rainy or snowy day. The garage is heated and has a sink with cold/warm water as well as two convertible fold-away professional workbenches for all those handy man or women who love to fix things or simply indulge in their hobby, like working on your car or motorbike.

The inside door from the garage to the living areas is fire-resistant and highly secure with an automatic multi-lock system. If someone rings the doorbell, you see and talk to the visitor anywhere in the world using your iPhone, iPad or Apple Watch. Is it a package delivery, you may simply choose to open the rolling garage door to allow delivery in the confines of the secured garage.

As the house is surrounded by water on three sides, it can only be accessed through the extra wide driveway, providing ample additional private parking space for easily six additional cars.

All information, including but not limited to measurements, has an indicative character; no rights can be derived from it. Settlement due to over- or undersize is excluded. Offer without obligation, delivery in consultation. The written requirement is declared applicable.

Make an appointment for a viewing of this magnificent villa!



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Дома тип
Вилла, Особняк
Тип строительства
Техническое обслуживание внутри
Экстерьер обслуживания

Поверхности и содержание

Жилая площадь
Площадь участка

Свойство Формат

Искусственная вентиляция, Сигнализация, Кабельное телевидение, Внешний солнцезащитный щиток, Кондиционер


Крыша, Стены, Пол, Стеклопакет, Полная изоляция
Центральное отопление, Пол с частичным подогревом

Внешние области

Возле тихой дороги, В жилом районе, Хорошая видимость, У воды, В лесу
В окружении сада


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