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Aerdenhout & Omstreken

область Kennemerland, WestFriesland en Waterland.

Bentveldsweg 116, ​
2111 EE Aerdenhout

телефон    +31 (0)23 52 45 250
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Huib A.F. Haije


The old Dutch image cannot be any more idyllic: a windmill on top of a traditional saw shed, at the front side the water and at the back a view towards the horizon. Only the ‘whoosh, whoosh’ of the wicks interrupts the silence.

In 1846, the Anna Paulownapolder, named after the Russian wife of King Willem II, was the last polder which was dried up in the northern region of Noord-Holland - with private money, by the way. At the core of the polder stands the eponymous village by the water of the Oude Veer, which is in connection to the Wadden Sea through the locks of the Amstel Lake. Up to 1912, a polder windmill at the other side of the Oude Veer ensures that the villagers kept their feet dry. This windmill broke down, just like many other windmills which were no longer needed due to technical progress and were not yet valued as cultural heritage. However, thanks to the passion of one passionate builder, a windmill was once again erected in 2002 at the same location by the Oude Veer. For the thatched rear - the ‘body’ of the windmill, so to speak - he used a disassembled poldermolen from the north of Groningen from 1892 which had been stored for years. The rest is all new construction, with all the comfort and accompanying technical features. But he/she who doesn’t know any better would bet a pretty penny that the windmill has been standing here for centuries, that is how perfectly authentic the whole thing seems.

Leonide looks like a stage mill with a traditional saw shed. The stage is what surrounds the mill; the elongated saw shed is where trees are transformed into planks. Not in this mill, of course. Although the windmill has been constructed ‘able to turn’, it is not ‘able to grind’, as you would say. And behind the black tarred, weatherboarded appearance of the saw shed hides a spacious (269 m2) and very luxurious house. The heart is formed by a lovely living room directly below the back, which is reflected in the shape. The view from the conservatory across the lands lying behind the mill is phenomenal. In the wing left of the living room we find a living kitchen in rural style, office and/or hobby areas and a scullery which provides access to the two garages on the head of this wing. On the other side of the living room we find the master suite - with dressing room and bathroom - and the swimming pool with sauna.

In the enormous attics above the two wings are accommodated the heat recovery system and the ‘brain’ of the central vacuum system. Technics has not been cut down on: a top of the range sound system, floor heating, sublime insulation, electric sunblinds, a remote controlled gate, automatic garage doors, etc.

From the hall, stairs lead to the first floor in the backside. Here, we find two bedrooms and a bathroom. Go up the stairs and you can step outside onto the stand. Walk to the front and you will see the pleasant Anna Paulowna at the other side of the water, with schools, stores and such. Look a little to the right and you see the marina Amsteldiep, perfect for water sports enthusiasts. Walk further, clockwise, and you will see... nothing. Well, call it ‘nothing’. What you will see will make you speechless: vast fields, a farm here and there, a row of poplars, ditches and country roads - a landscape which seems designed with a ruler for order, peace and regularity.

And above it, the cloudy skies which inspired the most famous of painters. Every day is different, every day is beautiful. Of course there is a practical side of living in a windmill. You have to be an enthusiast or find an enthusiast who will make the mill turn for you, even though this mill is not really ‘in operation’. Because a mill which isn’t moving is a dead mill. And, in this landscape, where the seasons can be felt to such an extent, it is this ‘whoosh, whoosh’ which indicates the rhythm of life.


• Plot size 3,815 m²
• Content buildings approx. 1,400 m³
• Living area 269 m²
• A lot of space and ground floor 100% wheelchair accessible
• 4 floors accessible within the mill
• 360 degrees view roof terrace
• Turnable mill
• 2 bathrooms
• 3 toilets.
• AGA oven and cooking combination
• Tulikivi soapstone stove
• Electronic sound system per area
• Floor heating can be switched on and off per area
• Central vacuum installation
• Electric sunblinds and insect screens in every area
• Double garage with automatic doors
• Gate with remote control.
• Swimming pool with sauna and outside terrace
• Jeu de Boule court
• Bird aviary of 60 m2
• Garden shed and chicken coop with range



€ 1.495.000 Затраты покупателя
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Вилла, Особняк
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toegankelijk voor minder validen, Удобства для пожилых людей

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