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STACK is an expressive building and recognizable from afar. A sculpture of stacked blocks, all in their own shades of colour. The silhouette seems to be in constant motion, just like the Meuse. STACK is idiosyncratic on the outside and exclusive on the inside. The building offers space for spacious single-family homes with gardens, beautiful apartments with spacious balconies or terraces and luxury penthouses. Large windows offer spectacular views of the Meuse, the harbour, the park and the city.

** Prices from € 335.000 to € 1.200.000 v.o.n. (and if you combine both penthouses then up to approx. € 2.400.000 plus amalgamation costs). **

The spot on the head of the Müllerpier is unique. You will soon live surrounded by beautiful views over the city, the Meuse or to the harbour. From now on, you can view the seven different types of houses, which are named after the view. Which view or floor do you prefer?

STACK will be a unique landmark for the city. Thanks to its distinctive architecture, the building én forms a whole with the port area. Typical of the Müllerpier is the composition of building blocks, which is also reflected in the design of STACK. This creates an ideal mix of small and large scale with varying height levels. In addition, the facade material fits in seamlessly with the colours and nuances that recur on the pier. The building may be an eye-catcher, but peace and harmony with the surroundings remain essential. Thanks to this interplay with the surroundings, STACK becomes a silhouette in motion.

The silhouette determines the housing supply

STACK is Rotterdam's newest residential tower at the far end of the Müllerpier. The 70 meter high tower with 22 floors is finished to a high standard. And that feeling of luxury begins with the spacious high entrance; the lobby is made entirely of glass and gives access to apartments. All around

Who lives in STACK has everything close by and the heart of Rotterdam nearby: only 10 minutes by bike. Public transport is within walking distance, as are shops for daily groceries. There is also a primary school in the neighbourhood and a theatre for young audiences: the Maaspodium. There are also several nice restaurants in the neighbourhood, such as STROOM, Café Verhip and Restaurant Goud van Herman den Blijker.

In the Park across the water, festivals and events are regularly organized. The oldest park in Rotterdam is also ideal for a run and a great place for a summer picnic or barbecue. Also nearby: sports complex Lloyd Multiplein. On several football and basketball fields you can play sports to your heart's content.

The houses

View from now on the housing types consisting of 77 apartments, 2 luxury penthouses (which can be merged into 1 XXL penthouse) and 6 single-family houses. The residential tower therefore has a varied offer for anyone who wants to live directly on the river Maas and is looking for that one exclusive spot in Rotterdam.

PENTHOUSES (2 dwellings)
4 rooms
approx. 158-166 m² (or possibly merge to approx. 324 m²)
Price indication € 1.200.000 v.o.n. per piece

The two penthouses - possibly merge into én XXL penthouse - in STACK are georiënteerd on the Meuse, city én the port of Rotterdam with a beautiful terrace facing south. The luxurious and spacious homes have a living area variërend of approximately 150 to 170 m². The bright living room gives access to a spacious roof terrace facing south to fully enjoy the amazing views. The penthouses also have a separate balcony facing east or west, which is accessible from the bedrooms and kitchen. The kitchen is open or semi-open. The penthouses have 3 bedrooms, a possibility to study, 1 or 2 bathroom(s) possibly with bath, 1 or 2 separate toilet(s) and 2 storage rooms. Other ideaën for the layout? Of course, an interior designer can work with this to create a custom layout.

Type RING apartment (7 houses)
3-4 rooms
approx. 90 - 150 m²
Price indication € 599.000 - € 1.050.000 v.o.n.

A great view of the Meuse, the park at the Euromast én the city with also large terraces: that characterizes the Ring Apartments on the 4th, 8th and 14th floor. The living area varies from approximately 90 to no less than 150 m². Whichever floor is chosen, the roof terraces are always spacious and optimally oriented towards the sun. These ring apartments have a spacious entrance, large living room with open kitchen, at least 3 bedrooms and a bathroom. The larger ring apartments even have an extra bathroom en-suite.

Type PARK apartment (18 houses)
3-4 rooms
approx. 69-111 m²
Price indication € 335.000 - € 495.000 v.o.n.

The 18 park apartments have a living area variërend from approximately 75 to 95 m² and offer panoramic views over the old city, the Park, the iconic Euromast and via the river also on district Rotterdam South. Each apartment of this type has a loggia or a balcony facing east: as a resident you can see the sun rise over the city. The Park apartments have a spacious entrance hall, separate toilet, large living room with open kitchen, 2 to 3 bedrooms, possibly space for a separate study and a spacious bathroom.

RIVIER apartment (19 houses)
4-5 rooms
approx. 97-136 m²
Price indication € 545.000 - € 735.000 v.o.n.

If you are looking for an amazing corner view of the Meuse, you have a choice of 19 River Apartments. These apartments have a living area variërend from approximately 100 to 140 m² and are georiënteerd facing south and east. The large living room with open kitchen gives access to a sunny balcony or loggia. These apartments have 3 or 4 bedrooms, a separate toilet, 1 or 2 bathroom(s).

Ports apartment (17 houses)
3-4 rooms
approx. 89-143 m²
Price indication € 475.000 - € 750.000 v.o.n.

STACK offers space for 17 harbour apartments with a view over the Meuse. With a living area variërend from approximately 90 to 140 m², these offer plenty of space and a beautiful corner experience of the port of Rotterdam. The apartments are south-facing and have a loggia or balcony and therefore always have a sunny spot outside. This is accessible through the spacious living room with open kitchen. Each apartment has a spacious entrance, a separate toilet, 1 or 2 bathroom(s), 2 to 3 bedrooms, some with private bathroom and a storage room.

LLOYD apartment (15 houses)
3-4 rooms
approx. 74-102 m²
Price indication € 415.000 - € 500.000 v.o.n.

There are 17 Lloydappartementen in Stack, named after the view of the Lloydkwartier; the former harbour area that has been transformed into a new district full of character since the end of the last century. Because of the angular experience you have a view of this Lloydkwartier as well as the Maas and Schiehaven. These apartments have a living area variërend of approximately 75 to 100 m² and are georiënteerd facing west. The Lloydappartement has a spacious entrance, living room with open kitchen, a separate toilet, a spacious bathroom, 2 to 3 bedrooms, a possibility to study and a storage room.

Single-family house (6 houses)
4-5 rooms
ca. 106-185 m²
Price indication € 549.000 - € 849.000 v.o.n.

Living over two floors with an exceptional view of the Meuse, the Sint Jobshaven and the Lloydkwartier: this is possible in one of the six spacious single-family houses in STACK. The living area varies from 105 to 170 m². These houses have a spacious garden, sunny facing south or west. On the ground floor there is an entrance, separate toilet, living room with open or semi-open kitchen, a separate storage room, access to the parking lot and depending on the type also space for an extra study. On the first floor each family home has a minimum of 3 bedrooms and a spacious bathroom.
The information on the project site prevails at all times.

Sale started!

The sale of project STACK is in full swing.

For questions about the still available apartments please contact us, call 010-2250822 or fill in the form below on our site.

Project STACK was developed by Blauwhoed Projectontwikkeling in cooperation with AM Wonen.

The sales description including artist-impressions and all mentioned sizes are indicative and provisional; no rights can be derived from them. We reserve the right to make changes. Settlement due to over- or undersize is excluded. Offer without obligation, delivery in consultation. The images shown are a sketch and conceptual representation of STACK's current design. These impressions and floor plans will be adjusted at a later stage. No rights can be derived from the displayed images. The written requirement is declared applicable. Only the signed and authenticated contract documents are binding for the legal relationship between parties.


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Leslie de Ruiter


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