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Everything about this villa, exterior, interior, symmetrical layout, shows the original atmosphere. With love for the authentic and historical character of this villa, the first floor and the first floor will be completely renovated and in consultation with you converted into a top class house (if desired annex office space) that is unique in its kind.
For your information: the price for the house will be € 650.000,00 hull, i.e. the house in the state in which it is currently located without renovation. The conversion costs are estimated at € 350.000,00. This is an indication. Depending on your wishes, the costs will have to be further specified.
In addition, you have 3 owned parking spaces.

You will find it all at this very central yet quiet location in the centre of Roermond, a stone's throw away from the River Ruhr. Around 1890 the rich Willem Mallmann (later manufacturer of synthetic perfumes) commissioned the construction of a characteristic villa in the so-called eclectic style. In the facades on the outside you can see the (French) classicistic form language. Many beautiful and original details from the late nineteenth and early twentieth century have been preserved in the villa. You will be amazed by the rich detailing, including marble floors, oak staircases, richly set up decorative ceilings, beautiful doorframes and French doors with largely original hinges and locks.

Around 1912 the villa was purchased by the sisters of "Our Lady of Retreat" from Eijsden. At that time, the narrower connecting piece (the connection between the villa and the north-western wing) was realized. The villa was converted into a retreat home where visitors could find peace and escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life. The rooms in front of the villa served as a chapel. The veranda and the conservatory, which were also built in 1912, formed the transition between inside and outside.

An interesting fact is that, from a historical point of view, the creation of the "Kapellerlaan" is inextricably linked to the fifteenth-century place of pilgrimage, Kapel in 't Zand (situated more than 800 metres away). In ancient times a pilgrimage route, at the end of the nineteenth century for the construction of "Villa Mallmann", the Kapellerlaan became a popular walking route. The beautiful plane trees that currently flank the avenue emphasize the grandeur that has traditionally been connected to this location.


Ground floor:

On the south side of this stylish building is the stairs to the first floor. Characteristic folding hardwood doors give access to the impressive reception hall (± 40 m2) which cuts through the floor of more than 250m2 like an axis. The stained glass window above the entrance, the marble floors, the ornamental ceilings, the oak staircase and the richly decorated door frames with panel doors, so called French doors, create an unparalleled atmosphere.

At the front and rear are several large rooms with high windows with stylish rod distribution and original ornamental ceilings; pure class that fits in with the ambiance of the building.

The rooms on the first floor and the first floor can be divided in various ways, depending on the destination they will be given. Taking into account the building's historical values, various options can be realised (see drawings options 1 to 3).

To the left of the entrance on the inside, an optional lift can be realised to facilitate the accessibility of the upper floor.

The front side ground floor:

On the right hand side of the entrance, double French doors give access to a spacious space (in total ± 110 m2) that extends over the entire front of the house, including the connecting connecting piece (towards the right hand wing).
At the front of this salon, there is a conservatory that is more than generously lit with its 8 oblong windows with top windows.
From the salon there is an en suite connection to the intermediate part at the middle/right side of the facade. This space is also accessible from the hallway through double doors and is ideal to serve as a dining room.
The distribution with destination (open or (semi) closed) kitchen, utility room and laundry / drying room is fluent in the sense that you can assign more or less space to a user function according to your wishes. For example, you can choose to place the kitchen partly or entirely in the connecting connector or to fully integrate the kitchen into the living area as an open-plan kitchen with a cooking island, thereby considerably increasing the surface area for the utility room and the washroom/drying room.
Various options give you the opportunity to optimally arrange and use the spaces tailored to your own living needs.A combined application of toilet and cloakroom (total ± 11 m2) can be found at the end of the monumental hall. The washbasin can be placed in the room with the toilet or directly outside. There is a direct access to the kitchen and utility room adjoining laundry / drying room. Also, from here all other rooms both at the front and the rear easily accessible.

Overview options front bel-etage:
Option 1: lounge annex conservatory (double doors from hall) with en suite connection to dining room (also double doors from hall) with open kitchen (extra door from hall), cooking island and fitted wardrobes; in the coupler realized very spacious utility room (double doors from wardrobe) annex very spacious laundry / drying room with fitted wardrobes (from utility room accessible with double doors), cloakroom and toilet with hand basin
Option 2: lounge annex conservatory (double doors from hall) with en suite connection to dining room (also double doors from hall) with integrated kitchen space and fitted wardrobes in dining room from where visible access via double doors to the kitchen realized in the connector (also double doors from wardrobe) annex utility room and laundry room with fitted wardrobes (from kitchen accessible with double doors); cloakroom and toilet with (placed outside the toilet) sink.
Option 3: lounge / conservatory (double doors from hall) with en suite connection to dining room (also double doors from hall) with partly space separating appliance wall along which on both sides access to the connecting kitchen (double doors from wardrobe) / adjoining laundry room with fitted wardrobes, cloakroom and toilet with (placed outside the toilet) washbasin

Back side bel-floor:

Around the semicircular closure at the back stairs are draped on both sides. These are fully in line with the imposing late nineteenth-century character of the villa. The south-west facing terrace is more than generous. From this terrace you have direct access to a large (outdoor) storage space (± 10 m2).
The rooms located at the rear next to this terrace can be divided into 3 or, if desired, 4 rooms (total ± 80 m2). These rooms are ideal for the realization of an office because of the extra entrance (with possibilities for waiting room, cloakroom). The office space can be extended with several spacious rooms that can be used as a conference room, extra study and/or library.

Another possibility is to limit the office space to just one office and to fully involve the other rooms at the rear in the residential destination from the front. The extra access to the house at the rear terrace can then serve as a pantry (for the terrace with possible outdoor kitchen). The other rooms can be used as a comfortable garden room and / or TV room.
Overview options rear bel-floor
Option 1: external access/waiting room; office/workspace; library vestibule; TV room; indoor 'outdoor' storage room
Option 2: external access/office / waiting room; office/workspace; garden room / conference room; indoor 'outdoor' storage room
Option 3: external access /pantry with toilet; office/workspace; garden room; indoor 'outdoor' storage room

First floor:
Through the beautiful original oak staircase in the reception hall you reach the landing of the first floor (± 31 m2). In order to ensure a high standard of living comfort, we have created a tailor-made layout for you. Possibilities include: 4 to 5 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms in varying sizes, 3 to 4 walk-in closets or dressing rooms. If desired, an indoor studio for an au-pair can be realized. One of the rooms at the rear gives access to a balcony facing southwest with a view of the spacious living and working environment.

Options first floor:
Option 1: 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, 4 dressing rooms
Example layout at the front: master bedroom with dressing room and bathroom (all en suite, total almost 50 m2); second alternative master bedroom with private entrance hall, dressing room and bathroom (over 45 m2);
Example layout at the rear: apartment for au-pair with (sitting) bedroom, dressing room and (shared) bathroom (± 44 m2) and outside terrace (± 10 m2); extra bedroom with dressing room (± 37 m2) with separate access to the bathroom for common use (± 13 m2).
Option 2: 5 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, 3 dressing rooms
Option 3: 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms (1 including jacuzzi), 4 dressing rooms

At the rear you have access to two large private terraces. Both balconies are oriented to the southwest.
Several parking spaces are reserved for you and your visitors on the front and back of the building.



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