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Execution auction, Thursday 23 March 2017
Public auction (‘Executorial Sale, ex art. 3:268 BW’)

The public auction will take place in the afternoon of Thursday 23rd March 2017, from 14:00 onwards, online [first bid and the second stage; a characteristic of Dutch auctions in which the bidding moves from high to low until someone says “mine”], supervised by one of the notaries affiliated with Loyens & Loeff NV. The General Auction Terms and Conditions of Internet Bidding 2015 (“AVVI 2015”) apply at the auction (and to private bids), and special auctioning conditions, of which the (concept) conditions can be requested from the notary and are published on: (Christie’s International Real Estate | R365) and

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The auctioning costs (including VAT) will, to the extent that this is possible, be specified in the cost overview that will be published on (Christie’s International Real Estate | R365) and

National Landscape Act
The country manor is listed under the Dutch National Landscape Act of 1928. This can have (fiscal) advantages, such as exemption from the real-estate transfer tax.
Regarding the (potential) owed revenue and/or real-estate transfer tax, we direct you to the special auctioning conditions.
The seller does not give any guarantee and does not accept any form of responsibility for that which is shared regarding the registered property, that which has been shared or that of which communication is lacking.

Country manor ‘De Hoogt’ (1908) is a beautiful entity, situated in a fairy-tale location in the forests of Maarn along the Utrechtse Heuvelrug. The manor was renovated in its entirety in 2000. The atmosphere and ambiance in this highly liveable, exceptionally authentic country manor are one of a kind.

From the Amersfoorteweg alongside Maarn, a small road bends its way upwards into the forests. A name for the new country manor that was founded by Joachim Ferdinand de Beaufort in 1908 on the Utrechtse Heuvelrug did not take long to find; ‘De Hoogt’ met all the requirements. The country manor was architecturally constructed by Johan Wilhelm Hanrath on top of a 25-metre hill in the landscape, to which the manor thanks its name and fantastic view. The country manor is connected to Landgoed Den Treek, where de Beaufort’s parents, Arnold Johan de Beaufort and Anna Aleida Stoop, inhabited the charming ‘Landgoed Den Treek’. Anna Aleido Stoop contributed the adjoining country estate Henschoten in her marriage with De Beaufort, as a result of which Den Treek – Henschoten now stretches out over a connected surface area of more than 2,200 hectares of forest, heathland, fens and drifting sands. In the past, De Hoogt offered views reaching out far into the Gelderse Vallei, but the landscape has changed over the decades from being predominantly open-structured to covered with forest. The house that Hanrath designed for De Beaufort was traditionalist in terms of style, with features dating back to the 17th and 18th century. The Bussum-based garden and landscape architect Dirk Frederik Tersteeg designed a park around the country house in his characteristic ‘Architectonic Style’, in which he strived for unity between the house and the garden.

A rarity
Whoever currently follows the forest road to De Hoogt can easily see why rich families chose these types of ‘hidden’ locations for the construction of their imposing houses. You leave the inhabited world, so to speak, and enter a world of your own. The respectable, ancient beech trees along the road and the rolling forests inspire a sense of calm; the hustle and bustle of the outside world simply evaporates here. In more than a century of its existence, the country manor has lost none of its original beauty. It is still just as imposing with its clock tower and valiant chimneys as when Joachim Ferdinard de Beaufort inhabited it with his family and five children. Due to the large size of his family, he had the house expanded with two wings on both sides of the main building in 1925; again, by the architect Hanrath. With this, the inhabitable surface area of the property was almost doubled to 1,025 m² and a volume of 3,695 m³. De Beaufort remained at De Hoogt until his death in 1959. After his death, the house served as a boarding school for boys of wealthy family origin; a situation that continued until 2000 when De Hoogt was purchased by its current owners. They immediately initiated large-scale renovations, which were executed with a great deal of care, respecting the character and authenticity of the property. The country house regained its former grandeur and was structurally thoroughly revamped. During the renovation, amongst other things, the roof was entirely renewed and insulated, all installations and technical provisions were modernised, and all windows were fitted with three-layered insulation glass, whilst maintaining its original appearance. The costs of the renovation significantly exceeded the purchasing price of the country manor. De Hoogt, therefore, is a rarity in the Netherlands; it is one of the few country manors in our country that is in a good structural state, has maintained its authentic atmosphere and appearance, and is ready for occupation. It is up to the owner – of course, taking the monumental status of the property into consideration – to make appropriate modifications or introduce new facilities.

A lavish country manor
De Hoogt is a magnificent family home that surrounds its inhabitants with an intimate, homely atmosphere. It is certainly large, but due to its layout and excellently proportioned rooms, it is highly liveable and instantly creates a sense of being at home. The vestibule, which has a wardrobe and toilet, provides access to the main hall, which is centrally located in the house. The hall has a ceiling with heavy beams, wooden panelling, a fireplace, and wide-opening doors to the covered terrace. There are primarily facilities areas in the house’s left wing; a large open kitchen with adjacent breakfast room with a fireplace, a preparatory kitchen, a pantry/tack room, the washing room, and, in a bay window along the front side, a cosy study. In the right wing on the rear side of the house, there is a spacious living room with an intimate sitting space around a fireplace in a bay window with a cabinet wall. There are wide-opening doors towards the terrace to the rear side and the lovely veranda, which provides a view towards the driveway and the white entrance gate on the south side of the villa. This veranda is also reachable from the adjoining salon. Here, the atmosphere is determined by the high wood panelling, the coffered ceiling, the stained-glass windows, and the black marble mantle. From this salon, a second, smaller sitting room, which is currently being used as the study, can be reached. A stately stairwell in the entrance hall takes you to the first floor. Here, there is also a beautiful hallway with a fireplace and double wide-opening doors to a balcony. In the left wing on the rear and west side of the house, the master suite is located, which consists of a bedroom with a fireplace, a very spacious and luxurious bathroom with designer toilet facilities, a detached bath with a view over the property and a beautiful, double shower cabinet with a rain shower and an ordinary shower, and walls of green and Carrara marble. Alongside the bathroom, there is a wardrobe room. Additionally, in the left wing, there is an autonomous apartment with a study or sitting room with a fireplace and a balcony, a bedroom with a bathroom and toilet, a pantry and a second toilet. In the right wing, there are two more, large bedrooms, a bathroom, toilet, a washing room and a beautiful, atmospheric room that is currently being used as a workshop. All rooms have access to the balconies. On the second floor, there are ten more bedrooms, two bathrooms, of which one has three showers, a toilet and two expansive storage rooms. The basement has multiple technical spaces, two supply rooms, a wine cellar and a room that could function as a fitness or wellness centre. The basements cannot only be reached from the inside; there is also an outdoor staircase towards the basements. On the grounds on the west side of the main house, there is a stone service residence that has been built more recently, a wooden room and two partially closed barns that can be used to store gardening tools, apparatus, and wood. On top of that, there is also a tennis court, and a road and field stable for the horses.

Ground lease
The ground has been issued for (temporary) long lease to Landgoed Den Treek – Henschoten NV, of which the leasing period ends on 31 March 2030. The annual lease payment is roughly € 63,000 a year. Potential deficits in the payment of the annual lease payment are to be paid by the buyer. The applicable long lease conditions can be found on the aforementioned websites. The buyer at the auction has the option of agreeing to modify the end date of the leasing contract to 14 May 2047, whereby the current annual lease payment can be bought off for € 413,000, after which the annual lease payment will be reduced to € 30,000 a year. Under specific conditions, these may be fiscally deductible.

National heritage site
The country manor is of cultural-historical value as an example of a younger country manor. It is of architecture-historical value as an example of a country manor in a traditionalist building style, due to its construction history and its place in the oeuvre of architect J.W. Hanrath. The country house is of ensemble value to the manor as its chief component, in combination with the garden and its woodland location. <<

Characteristics country manor De Hoogt

Location: By Maarn, at a short distance from the A12, between Amersfoort and Utrecht.
Plot: Almost 2.3 hectares of garden, meadow, and forest.
Heathland ground: An additional 3.2 hectares of heathland can optionally be leased from the ground owner.
Liveable surface area country house: 1.025 m² measured in accordance with NEN2580.
Building-related outside area: 86 m² measured in accordance with NEN2580.
Volume: 3,695 m³, measured in accordance with NEN2580.
Ground floor rooms: 8
Bedrooms first floor: 6
Bathrooms: 3
Bedrooms second floor: 10
Bathrooms: 2
Total bedrooms: 16
Total bathrooms: 5

Basement with wine cellar, two storage rooms and an extra room.



Starting bid
€ 775.000 k.k.
Auction date
in consultation


House type
Build type
Build year
Maintenance inside
Maintenance outside
Monument, Double housing possible

Surface and volume

Living surface
Plot surface


Alarm, Cable tv, Outside sun screen, Swimming pool, Smoke duct


Partial insulated glazing
Hot water
Central heating
Central heating, Fireplace
Heating boiler
(Combined furnace, Owned)

Exterior areas

Near edge of forest, Near quiet road, Sheltered location, Outside built-up area, In forest
Garden all round
Free standing, wood


Garage type
Parking spot

Floor plans


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