About Residence365

exclusive affiliate of Christie’s International Real Estate

R365 is the exclusive affiliate of Christie’s International Real Estate to which 950 selected offices have now been connected worldwide. In close collaboration with this organisation, objects that we select will be offered to potential buyers.

For this, we will of course also make use of the database of interested clients which has been built up over the years.

What sets us apart

We make use of the synergy between us, as Christie’s International Real Estate, and Christie’s auction houses worldwide. Their clients are potentially our buyers. Our work method was selected globally, which is why we do not have to limit ourselves to the Dutch market. There is a current demand for exclusive real estate, and we can inform the buyers. We know how to reach the target audience. We limit ourselves in our offer, wherein, here, there is also a selection for appearance and special features because of location and architecture, which are the pearls or art objects in real estate. As a basic price, a selling price of at least €1 million is used.

Work method

  • Selective acceptance of object, with an emphasis on distinctive properties.
  • Presentations oriented to the top segment.
  • Focused on the national and global market of potential buyers, connecting buyers & sellers. 
  • You have the property, we have the buyers.
  • Sales through our broker for which your object or our business publication are realised on Christie’s International Real Estate websites and in magazines, the NY Times, Wall Street Journal, South China Morning, and many other national and international media and networks.